We're creating A Fun & Affordable Mental Fitness Gym for IT Leaders & their Teams

We help you recharge, refocus, and get stronger so that you can Lead your Team with Ease & Flow

We’ve been there – We get IT – We’ve got your back, even when others don’t.

We stand by you when things get tough when your goals seem out of reach when you need someone to talk to so that you can stand tall, calm, balanced, clear-headed, and confident in your power – in any leadership role & situation.

Founded by Ali Farahani, a former CIO/CTO & Leadership Coach, and Lucie Tesarova, a PQ Mental Fitness Trainer, our mission is to create a fun, affordable, science-based & technology-backed Mental Fitness Gym for IT leaders & their teams so that they can improve their performance, wellbeing, and relationship with ease & flow.

Victorious warriors win first in their minds, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. 

Sun Tzu, Author of the Art of War (544 BCE - 496 BCE)
  • Does going to work feel like waging a daily war at times?
  • Feeling like the attacks are coming from all possible angles?
  • Do you wish that work instead of war would feel like a play?

If you are

  • Tired of being attacked – by your outer or inner enemies of judgments, doubts, and disempowering thoughts,
  • Feeling isolated, lacking support
  • Wishing for a more positive circle of peers & mentors
  • Ready and motivated to turn the war into a game with our support

… then join us! 

Allow yourself to be supported so that you can support and lead powerfully your teams and organization.

With us, you can become victorious. And turn the war into a play.

Start with your inner game first. 

  • We train you.
  • We guide you.
  • We support you.

So then you can go, and lead powerfully from within – no matter in what environment you happen to be.

With us, you are not in the fight alone. 

We have your back.

And we make you win and transform not just your inner game, but also the cultural game in your company.

Ready for your inner game training to begin? 

Be A Part Of A Great Event.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Join US in our Bi-Weekly & Monthly Exclusive Events for IT Leaders & Their Teams

Staying Mentally Fit, No Matter What

and Help us Help YOU Become Mentally Fitter For Work & Life

Speakers From Around The World Sharing Knowledge

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Upcoming Events

Webinar: CIO’s Inner Battles


Join us for webinar - CIO's Inner Battles - Three Steps to Master Your Mind and Emerge Victorious

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Past Events

Keynote: How to Stay Mentally Fit, No Matter What


Mental Fitness is our ability to respond to Life challenges in such a way that we generate positive results rather than...

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Are you a Woman in TECH?

Join US in Our Events in 2022 & Become Mentally Fitter!
That shows you have a brilliant, powerful analytical mind; what a super strength to have!​

This powerful tool of yours helps you gather, process, and understand a vast amount of complex data & create amazing things that serve humanity – thank you for being so awesome!

And, the same mind that makes you a brilliant technologist has become the source of all your overthinking, worrying, and frustration. It has turned from a useful tool into a useless troublemaker. Creating all sorts of fears, stress, and is hijacking your true performance, affecting your wellbeing, and damaging your relationships.

But this is not the biggest problem. The problem is that you are not even aware of all the ways that your brain is sabotaging your productivity, teamwork, and happiness.

Can you really be at your best when
your brain is working against you?

But this is not the biggest problem!
The problem is that you are not even aware of all the ways that your brain is sabotaging your productivity, teamwork, and happiness.

Join us to learn:

Why your brain does what it does

What is the root cause of its malfunction?

How to prevent being sabotaged by your brain and 10X your performance.

Five ways to activate your muscles – make wiser choices in your relationships.

One potent way to turn any bad situation into a GIFT & opportunity for YOU.

How to stay mentally fit for life no matter what and

reach to the top with ease & flow.

All these and much more are possible through the scientifically proven and technology-backed PQ Operating System. Positive Intelligence (PQ) has been validated by over 500,000 participants worldwide, including CEOs, sales, operations, and technology teams.

But you don’t need to take our word for it, instead, join us for the live keynote with Q&A at the end to learn what Positive Intelligence is about and experience how it can provide relief for you in stressful times & overwhelming situations

This Year’s Fittery Programs

A Simple Membership will give you access to all these events.


Join Us and Learn What Makes Our Positive Intelligence Program® Different

Positive Intelligence® is an operating system with many applications. In the first six weeks you develop your 3 core mental muscles. In subsequent weeks, modules in the app then enable you to use those muscles for a variety of work and life applications. You continue to grow.

One Operating System, Many Applications

Through factor analysis, we’ve discovered the core operating system of the mind that can run a massive variety of work and life applications. One simple operating system, many applications.

Focus on Habit Formation

Most trainings result in short-lived improvements. For sustained results, we focus on building neural pathways that form lasting new habits. That’s why we call this “mental fitness”.

A Platform for Ongoing Growth

Similar to physical fitness, mental fitness is not a short-term training. After the initial six-weeks foundation, our app ensures continued growth through a variety of work and life applications.

Treat Root Cause, not Symptoms

PQ factor analysis research has revealed the foundational root-level enablers and disablers of optimal performance and wellbeing. We rewire the brain at the root cause level.

Research-Based, Measurable Results

PQ research has included more than a million participants from around the globe. PQ tools have been field-tested with thousands of tough-minded participants, ensuring their efficacy.

Develop all 3 Core Muscles

Mental fitness requires 3 core muscles. Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage. Meditation only focuses on Self-Command, which is why it is not sustained by most.

Take this Assessment to find out 9 ways that you're sabotaging your brilliance !

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