We're creating A Fun & Affordable Mental Fitness Gym for IT Leaders & their Teams

We help you recharge, refocus, and get stronger so that you can Lead your Team with Ease & Flow

We’ve been there – We get IT – We’ve got your back, even when others don’t.

We stand by you when things get tough when your goals seem out of reach when you need someone to talk to so that you can stand tall, calm, balanced, clear-headed, and confident in your power – in any leadership role & situation.

Founded by Ali Farahani, a former CIO/CTO & Leadership Coach, and Lucie Tesarova, a PQ Mental Fitness Trainer, our mission is to create a fun, affordable, science-based & technology-backed Mental Fitness Gym for IT leaders & their teams so that they can improve their performance, wellbeing, and relationship with ease & flow.

Victorious warriors win first in their minds, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. 

Sun Tzu, Author of the Art of War (544 BCE - 496 BCE)
  • Does going to work feel like waging a daily war at times?
  • Feeling like the attacks are coming from all possible angles?
  • Do you wish that work instead of war would feel like a play?

If you are

  • Tired of being attacked – by your outer or inner enemies of judgments, doubts, and disempowering thoughts,
  • Feeling isolated, lacking support
  • Wishing for a more positive circle of peers & mentors
  • Ready and motivated to turn the war into a game with our support

… then join us! 

Allow yourself to be supported so that you can support and lead powerfully your teams and organization.

With us, you can become victorious. And turn the war into a play.

Start with your inner game first. 

  • We train you.
  • We guide you.
  • We support you.

So then you can go, and lead powerfully from within – no matter in what environment you happen to be.

With us, you are not in the fight alone. 

We have your back.

And we make you win and transform not just your inner game, but also the cultural game in your company.

Ready for your inner game training to begin? 


Change in perspective changes outcomes.

If you change how you look at things, things that you look at change.

Change in perspective changes outcomes.

Do you feel inspired at work?

Do you feel inspired when you are around your personal or work VIPs?

What if… inspiration doesn’t happen TO you, but it can be generated IN you?

Today’s invitation for all of us is to PAUSE, whenever we don’t feel inspired and motivated. Perhaps when you even try to avoid and postpone something.


  • Notice – what are the thoughts you are thinking about the task, and the meaning of it?

(e.g. I hate doing this thing. Why do I always have to do this and nobody else is helping me?)

  • Give yourself some compassion at that moment. Notice and name the emotions that come up for you. Is it frustration? Fear? Exhaustion? Anger? Notice and feel, whatever there is to feel. Even when it’s unpleasant. Know, that you are not alone in this – all of us feel that way sometimes.
  • Link the task to something that matters to you, and see how it is connected. What do you value the most? E.g. if you are a parent, you want to be able to provide for your children. And therefore, even when doing a work that is not fulfilling you at the moment, you know that it will bring the money needed.
  • Or, if you wish you did something adventurous and fun instead, what if you could turn the boring task ahead into a fun one? How could you make it more fun & enjoyable? And so on.
  • What we focus on, influences what we see. And what we see, may make us more motivated and inspired, or less.

When we pause intentionally, we reclaim the power of our focus, and can choose the next direction and what we want to focus on, based on how we want to feel.

So if you today don’t feel inspired, pause. Perhaps there is a different way to look at things ahead of you. ?

Originally shared on LinkedIn

Lucie Tesarova
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