We're creating A Fun & Affordable Mental Fitness Gym for IT Leaders & their Teams

We help you recharge, refocus, and get stronger so that you can Lead your Team with Ease & Flow

We’ve been there – We get IT – We’ve got your back, even when others don’t.

We stand by you when things get tough when your goals seem out of reach when you need someone to talk to so that you can stand tall, calm, balanced, clear-headed, and confident in your power – in any leadership role & situation.

Founded by Ali Farahani, a former CIO/CTO & Leadership Coach, and Lucie Tesarova, a PQ Mental Fitness Trainer, our mission is to create a fun, affordable, science-based & technology-backed Mental Fitness Gym for IT leaders & their teams so that they can improve their performance, wellbeing, and relationship with ease & flow.

Victorious warriors win first in their minds, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. 

Sun Tzu, Author of the Art of War (544 BCE - 496 BCE)
  • Does going to work feel like waging a daily war at times?
  • Feeling like the attacks are coming from all possible angles?
  • Do you wish that work instead of war would feel like a play?

If you are

  • Tired of being attacked – by your outer or inner enemies of judgments, doubts, and disempowering thoughts,
  • Feeling isolated, lacking support
  • Wishing for a more positive circle of peers & mentors
  • Ready and motivated to turn the war into a game with our support

… then join us! 

Allow yourself to be supported so that you can support and lead powerfully your teams and organization.

With us, you can become victorious. And turn the war into a play.

Start with your inner game first. 

  • We train you.
  • We guide you.
  • We support you.

So then you can go, and lead powerfully from within – no matter in what environment you happen to be.

With us, you are not in the fight alone. 

We have your back.

And we make you win and transform not just your inner game, but also the cultural game in your company.

Ready for your inner game training to begin? 


Are you doing the right things?

Steve Jobs Ali Farahani Wellness

Are you doing the right things?

Can you imagine leading digital transformation initiatives while grappling with headaches?

For as long as I remember, I suffered from migraine. But this didn’t stop me from creating outstanding enterprise solutions. How? Well, by taking painkillers, of course. Please don’t judge me. This is not me promoting painkillers. If it is anything, it’s quite the opposite. See, I thought I had no other choice because doctors couldn’t find the reason for my headaches, and I was hopeless.

This was my reality until I started doing HATHA Yoga. At first, I didn’t believe it was going to help. It was time-consuming. I had to do daily practices in cycles of 48 days without any interruption or risk starting the exercises from the beginning. As part of the Yoga practices, I also had to change my eating habits and diet: less sugar, less coffee, no coke, no bread, and only two meals per day.

After just six months, the headaches were gone. I couldn’t believe it! A couple of months later and the knee pain was gone too. A few months later, I lost 40 kilograms without feeling hungry or damaging my body. I quit smoking, too, not because I wanted to. No! One day I didn’t feel like smoking anymore. I became less stressed, less angry, less frustrated, and calmer. My family, and friends, couldn’t recognize me. Hell, I couldn’t even recognize myself.

It was hard, but I persisted, persevered, succeeded.

Today, I’m older but look and feel healthier than before. I might have more gray hair, but I’m more agile, clear-headed, and laser-focused. I can work longer hours without getting tired. I was never as productive as I’m today. Yoga has transformed and impacted my life in so many ways. Perhaps, even more, yoga has improved my relationship with my family and friends.

If you do the right thing and take care of your physical and mental well-being, the right things will happen to you.

I think #stevejobs said it beautifully:
“Eat your food as your medicine, otherwise, you have to eat medicine as your food.”

Are you doing the right things?

Ali Farahani

Ali Farahani (AlFa) is a Mental Fitness Trainer, IT Veteran, and a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Academy & with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a former CIO/CTO. When he's not supporting his clients in their leadership role, and with their teams, he delivers experiential & powerful weekly group trainings & coaching programs for IT leaders & their teams. He has held keynotes on the subjects, such as IT Leadership and The Changing Role of CIOs in the digital era at MDM Media, and IDC events.

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