We're creating A Fun & Affordable Mental Fitness Gym for IT Leaders & their Teams

We help you recharge, refocus, and get stronger so that you can Lead your Team with Ease & Flow

We’ve been there – We get IT – We’ve got your back, even when others don’t.

We stand by you when things get tough when your goals seem out of reach when you need someone to talk to so that you can stand tall, calm, balanced, clear-headed, and confident in your power – in any leadership role & situation.

Founded by Ali Farahani, a former CIO/CTO & Leadership Coach, and Lucie Tesarova, a PQ Mental Fitness Trainer, our mission is to create a fun, affordable, science-based & technology-backed Mental Fitness Gym for IT leaders & their teams so that they can improve their performance, wellbeing, and relationship with ease & flow.

Victorious warriors win first in their minds, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. 

Sun Tzu, Author of the Art of War (544 BCE - 496 BCE)
  • Does going to work feel like waging a daily war at times?
  • Feeling like the attacks are coming from all possible angles?
  • Do you wish that work instead of war would feel like a play?

If you are

  • Tired of being attacked – by your outer or inner enemies of judgments, doubts, and disempowering thoughts,
  • Feeling isolated, lacking support
  • Wishing for a more positive circle of peers & mentors
  • Ready and motivated to turn the war into a game with our support

… then join us! 

Allow yourself to be supported so that you can support and lead powerfully your teams and organization.

With us, you can become victorious. And turn the war into a play.

Start with your inner game first. 

  • We train you.
  • We guide you.
  • We support you.

So then you can go, and lead powerfully from within – no matter in what environment you happen to be.

With us, you are not in the fight alone. 

We have your back.

And we make you win and transform not just your inner game, but also the cultural game in your company.

Ready for your inner game training to begin? 


Create Space for New Results

ever got triggered and regretted later

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” 

Victor Frankl

The Trigger Trap

Imagine that your project took a wrong turn, and you call your team members for a meeting to find a solution.

One of your team members shares an idea that really triggers you. That person really triggers you. They seem to be a know-it-all, and to be honest, you suspect they are after your position.

You woke up late that day, had a fight with your spouse over the phone right before the meeting, and you cannot take any more irritation from others. You snap at this guy and hear yourself say with all that frustration piled up in you since morning, looking for a release and finally, an opportunity for it opened up – aimed at that irritating person! Killing two birds with one stone, seems?

You hear yourself say: “Your solution is Neanderthal. Any thinking person would come up with something more advanced than that.”

There is silence in the room. Everyone freezes. Nobody else voices any other ideas. So you share yours. Your team proceeds with your concept that is not Neandertal but turns out to be quite complex and very costly for the company. Plus, you feel that something has also happened to the other members of your team. They started speaking behind your back, and you overheard someone wishing to leave as they didn’t enjoy working with you. You start worrying that people will start quitting on you. “This is not good!” you think, with a nasty sinking feeling in your stomach.

The Costs of Knee-Jerking

Your uncontrolled knee-jerked “frustration release” turned very costly for you, the team, and the company.

It cost you the trust of your team, cost you the opportunity to implement an easy and cost-effective, and time-saving solution that the irritating team member proposed, and could have been a massive win for your team and the company as a whole. And it seems it will cost you even more if anyone resigns soon before the critical project is finished.

You wish you never lost your cool and were able to evaluate the idea with calmness, keeping your brain and mouth laser-focused on what matters the most – getting the project back on track and keeping the team motivated to finish it.

Imagine you could take back that moment where you knee-jerk reacted to the trigger (you having a tough day, and then your nemesis speaks, and you crave revenge and release of the tension) and instead were able to choose a wiser action – acknowledge your team member, and have the team and you evaluate the idea among many others and form a new, simple, solution that has people excited, builds trust in your team and makes people appreciate and admire you – instead of resenting and fearing you.

You, as a leader, would be feeding multiple birds with one scone in this scenario, wouldn’t you?

Create a space for new results

So what’s that space?

That space is a space between a trigger (something happens) and your response (how you react to what happens).

In that space, that’s where your FREEDOM to choose a WISER move is.
You would find HOPE there – hope for finding a solution, hope for a change for the better.
And in that space, PEACE becomes possible. In our example – that’s where keeping the TRUST in your team and keeping members motivated is.

That’s where the POSSIBILITY of BEST RESULTS is…

How do we create that space? A space between when someone says something triggering and the time we react? So that we can choose how we react? And instead of knee-jerking with anger, we can respond with curiosity? Be it when talking to a team member or with your child?

How do we create that space so that even when we fail miserably, instead of beating ourselves up and knee-jerking into something regrettable, we have the ability to choose compassion, see what really matters here, and discover brand new options from that perspective?

You need Mental Fitness Muscles to Create & Hold the Space between the trigger and your reaction.

Just like going to the physical gym to strengthen physical muscles, there are practices that will help you maintain the MENTAL MUSCLES to create a gap and hold that space where you don’t get triggered as easily or so fast.

Learn a 10-second technique to help you stay calm when triggered

Have a look at the video at the end of this post to learn one quick tool that we train and teach in MindFittery – Mental Fitness Gym for IT Leaders.

We call it a PQ rep – just like in the gym, you do “reps” to strengthen specific muscles; PQ (Positive Intelligence) muscle reps help you strengthen the mental muscles (=neural pathways connected to feeling more present, calm, focused) that you can then use to finally set yourself free from those painful and costly knee-jerking reactions that sabotage you, your relationships, happiness, and performance.

What is the change that you want to see as a result of creating that space in your daily life that throws triggers your way?

What are the new results you finally want to see that mental resilience and staying calm and clear no matter what could finally make possible?

Connect with us on LinkedIn and let us know! Follow us there and don’t miss any free upcoming MindFittery events you might want to join if you are ready to do the work that can transform your life in many areas.

And now, finally, the promised video – it is from one of the keynotes presented by my business partner and MindFittery Co-Founder – Ali Farahani, who has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, is a veteran CIO/CTO as well as a colleague practitioner and trainer of mental fitness techniques.

I wish you lots of success, peace of mind, and results that make you feel fulfilled and happy!


Promised video from one of Ali’s keynotes, where he shares one of the PQ reps, focusing on strengthening one of the mental muscles that we call the “Self-Command Muscle.” Join him and try it on! We have many others to share.

Lucie Tesarova
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